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AirCool Conditioning & Heating specliazes in all HVAC-related services. We offer heating and air conditioning installations as well as all types of repairs. We also offer preventative plans like inspections for the Spring and Winter as well as yearly service agreements that includes all the top brands.


Avail our ac repair services and get rid of all the tensions

Air conditioners have become a necessity today because it is becoming impossible to survive in the scorching heat of summers. But as you will use ac for prolonged time period then it is bound to develop some flaws. The reason is that like any other machinery when you will use it constantly then it will also go through depreciation. That is why repair services are so essential and that helps in maintaining the performance of your ac like brand new for years to come in future.

How we will help you?

If you are facing any problem with your ac then we are there to help you in an unparalleled manner. So be it any specific need related to air conditioner in the household or commercial sector such as the servicing, installation, repair, maintenance, replacement or any other customized requirement, we will provide you all the services at door step.

What can you expect from our side for ac repair services?

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are having years of experience in repairing air conditioners. From our side you can expect the following services in relation to ac repairs-

Comprehensive checking – first of all we will do a comprehensive checking of the air conditioner so that all the flaws in functioning can be determined. Once the exact problem is found then we proceed to correct those flaws.

Repair and replacement with complete care – we will see to it that which part needs repair and which needs to be replaced with new ones. If replacement of the part is the only option then we assure that from our side we will install 100% genuine and branded parts that have warranty period as well.

Complete assistance for installation – if you have purchased a new ac or are shifting it from one place to another then you will need help for its installation. We have mastery in installing all types of air conditioners with proper care.

Cleaning and servicing – many times your ac may not function up to the mark if it’s not cleaned or serviced after regular time intervals. Pipes and filters may be clogged with dust and it can also result in leakage of gas. We will check each and every aspect and make your air conditioner function like brand new.

Humidifier set up – if you need to setup your ac in such a way that humidity level of the room can be controlled as per your own requirements then we will provide a great help in establishing such a setup.

Customized needs fulfillment – many people have customized needs related to air conditioners because the space in their homes or offices may not be adequately designed for having an ac setup or sometimes a specific type of ac may be needed that can meet some specific conditions. We will help you in getting the exact setup that you are looking for.

You can trust us completely for ac repair services. We assure you that our rates are the most affordable in market and we will not charge a single extra penny from you. We will give you a detailed analysis about each and every aspect and if you are looking for quality driven services then contact us without any second thoughts.

Are you experiencing troubles with your refrigerator? It’s time to get it repaired

Refrigerator is a common appliance that we can see in households as well as in commercial setups. If you are observing that the cooling level of your refrigerator is not up to the mark or there are some other problems that you are noticing then it’s high time that your refrigerator may require some repairs. With the passage of time the internal and external parts may become redundant and may need repairs or replacement.

How we will help you in such a situation?

Our team is having expertise in refrigerator repair services. We will provide you doorstep services and after thorough inspection you will be given a detailed analysis about the exact problem that is the root cause behind faulty functioning. We are not just highly experienced in repairing household refrigerators but we have a complete mastery in repairing commercial refrigerators as well. So be it any problem related to refrigerators you can contact us without any hesitation.

You can expect the following services from our side for refrigerator repairs

Complete checking and stabilizing the cooling level – First of all we will do a comprehensive checking of the refrigerator so that exact cause behind the problem can be ascertained. Once the fault will come to our notice then we will correct it and ensure that the cooling level is maintained at an optimum rate. We are not like other repair dealers who will give you exaggerated claims to extract money. We will tell you the exact problem as we are completely honest with all our clients.

Replacement or redundant parts and repairs of faulty parts –If you have been continuously using your refrigerator for a long period of time then some of its parts may have become totally redundant so we will replace them with brand new parts. If there is a faulty part that can be repaired then we will make it function like brand new. You can stay assured that if we will be using any part for repair or replacement purpose then it’s going to be 100% authentic.

Maintaining adequate gas level – One of the major problems related with refrigerators is that there can be gas leakage or gas level may be inappropriate because of which cooling will be affected to a large scale. We will check leakage from each and every angle and will also see that neither the gas should be under filled nor it should be over filled.

Assessing the internal and external parts – There are so many internal as well external parts in refrigerator that may be at fault. For example the compressor, switches, inside light, buttons, wiring, front panel, back wiring and many other things. It is important to assess each and every part because sometimes the fault is very minor because of which the functioning of refrigerator may be hampered.

So it does not matter whether you need refrigerator repair services for your fridge at home or at commercial space, we will help you in every possible way. Our rates are completely reasonable and for customized solutions you will not find a better service partner than us.

Do you need someone to repair your washing machine? Contact us without any second thoughts

Washing machine is a smart appliance and with its help you can clean piles of clothes in just a small period of time. But it can be really troublesome when it stops functioning altogether or when you experience that it is not functioning up to the mark. At such a time repairs are needed which will restore the functioning potential of your washing machine.

Repairs are needed because with passage of time your washing machine’s parts will get depreciated. If you want that it should function smoothly like brand new then you can contact us for washing machine repair services at anytime. We will be there at your doorstep as and when you will demand.

Our expertise

Our technicians are highly experienced in repairing household washing machines and commercially established washing machine setups. So whether it is a household or industrial repair requirement we will provide you unbeatable services at most affordable rates.

We will help you in the following areas if you are looking for washing machine repairs

Thorough analysis – We will do a thorough analysis of your washing machine to evaluate the problems. We will check all its external as well as internal parts. Once the flaws will come to our notice then we will proceed with repairs.

Checking of internal motor and blade functioning – Most common problem in washing machines is that after constant use its motor may get choked and the blades may become outdated. So we will see to all these aspects and then proceed with the corrections accordingly.

Evaluating the washing machine for any type of leakages – Sometimes there can be leakage problem in the inlet as well as the outlet pipe due to which you may face a lot of problems while handling your washing machine. At such times we will provide complete assistance in finding the leakage and getting rid of it with either repairs or pipe replacement process.

Checking of dryer and buttons – If your washing machine dryer or any of its buttons are not working then you can face immense problems. We will check that why the dryer and the buttons are not functioning up to the mark and will provide instant solutions on the spot. Sometimes there is just a minor fault due to which the dryer and the buttons stop working. We will correct these problems as fast as possible.

Blocked pipe clearance – If the pipe is blocked due to dust or clogged materials then you can experience great troubles in handling your washing machine. We will see to it that the pipes are completely cleared and there is nothing stuck in between.

Replacement and repair of internal and external parts – There is a lot of wiring, internal sensitive buttons, outer body, back panel, lower body and other components in a washing machine. We will see which parts need repairs and which need replacement. We will use only branded parts in this process.

We promise that you are not going to get such outstanding repair services for your washing machine anywhere else. You can contact us at anytime and on the date and time of your choice our team will visit your place and will provide all the services there itself.

Is your microwave oven not working up to the mark? We will provide a complete repair facility for it

Microwave ovens have really made our lives simpler. Whenever you wish to serve hot food or want to do hassle free cooking then you just need to set the microwave timer and the food is ready with minimum efforts. If you are highly dependent on microwave oven in your routine life then it can be a major problem if it’s not functioning up to the mark or has stopped working altogether. But there is no need to worry at all as we will provide you exceptional quality repair services for microwave oven.

Our experience

Our technicians are highly specialized in providing repair facility for not only household microwave ovens but also for those high tech ovens that are used in industrial settings, restaurants, bakeries and at other commercial places. We will go to the root cause behind the problem and then proceed with the repairs.

We will help you with the following issues if you are looking for microwave repair facility

Solving the heating issues – If the heat level is not optimum then the food would remain half cooked and the heating process will take more than the usual time. We will check all the internal parts and replace or repair the faulty ones based on the damage level.

Repairing the light bulb – Sometimes the inside light bulb may get fused and in such a case we will provide on the spot repair facility for your microwave oven.

Seeing the problem of automatic shutting or automatic turning on – Sometimes the microwave oven may automatically get shut off in between or can get automatically turned on without actually pressing the button; in such a situation an internal part may be causing some hindrance. We will check it in a comprehensive manner and repair the faulty part.

Faulty display and buttons – If the display is not working or the buttons are not functioning then there can be some problem with the internal wiring or part redundancy. We will solve this issue as early as possible. Sometimes when the buttons are faulty then the microwave may not get on at all or may be unable to shut off on time.

Sparking and door blockage problems – If the door of microwave oven is getting blocked or you can observe sparking in between then it is a risky situation. During such a time call our team without any second thoughts and we will do immediate repairs.

Correcting the loud noises from microwave – Loud noises from microwave can be because of many reasons like problems associated with cooling fan, high voltage diode, and drive motor, magnetron or other parts. We have mastery in repairing all these parts.

Exhaust fan problem with microwave oven – If the exhaust fan of microwave oven is not working then there can be some issues with the filters. We will check it and repair it with utmost perfection.

Problems with tray rotation – If the internal tray is not rotating then there can be a problem with the roller guide, coupler or drive motor. We will look into the situation and provide immediate repairs.

So be it any problem associated with your microwave oven, we will provide the entire repair services in an exceptional manner and at very reasonable prices.

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